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Dr. Mary Hunting, Au.D. has been providing comprehensive hearing healthcare services to the Dover area since 2003. With this extensive experience and expertise, Dr. Hunting offers high quality care that centers on identifying and effectively meeting individual needs.

At Northeast Audiology our goal is to transform hearing health so that you can navigate daily life with greater ease. We understand how critical communication is and provide a range of professional services to maximize your hearing and wellness so that you can live your best life!



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Are you ready to benefit from the life-changing impact of treating hearing loss?

The first step is simple and quick: contact us to schedule an appointment for a hearing consultation with a hearing aid doctor. This appointment involves having your hearing tested, establishing your hearing needs. Treating hearing loss transforms hearing health which has multifaceted effects on all aspects of life. This includes improving your relationships with loved ones, enriching your social life, boosting confidence and wellness, strengthening cognitive abilities, and enhancing overall health! These benefits support the longevity, fullness, and quality of your life. At Northeast Audiology, we are committed to guiding you through this process, every step of the way!

About Northeast Audiology

Dr. Mary Hunting, Au.D opened Northeast Audiology in 2021. Dr. Hunting previously worked at Northeast ENT & Allergy from 2003-2021, providing audiological testing and treatment for hearing loss as well as vestibular disorders before the practice closed with Dr. White's retirement. Northeast Audiology is proud to continue the legacy of excellent hearing healthcare provided over the past 30 years.
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